WolfePak Cloud

WolfePak Cloud - Secure Hosted Solution

Oil & gas accounting software without the in-house maintenance headaches

WolfePak hosted solutions give you a place to store your WolfePak software, without maintaining a server or using on-staff or contract IT specialists. We host your software on our server — you log in and use your solution as if were hosted by your company or a third-party provider.

We back up our server every night and also maintain off-site back-up for redundant capability. We do the data backups for you and you’re always on the latest version of the software.

Your agreement with WolfePak, including annual support and maintenance, tech support, etc., remains unchanged.

Top Five Reasons to Move to the WolfePak Cloud
WolfePak Cloud from WolfePak Software on Vimeo.

An easy, dependable solution

A hosted WolfePak solution eliminates the problems with upgrades and the various costs of hardware and IT support. We take responsibility for redundancy, data back up and disaster recovery, so you can focus on your oil & gas business.


No more system crashes or data loss

If you’ve ever seen a system crash, you’ll like the WolfePak SaaS process to remove that risk. We manage your system security, with daily backups and off-site backups to protect your data.


Manage more wells and larger operations

WolfePak SaaS is a proven, cost-effective solution for system ownership. It eliminates the capital expense of hardware and software, making your ongoing costs more predictable.

With user-based pricing, you add users as your operations grow, but you have the same WolfePak features and functionality as the outright purchased software.  We’ll support your growth with training, tech support and customization.

Network solutions for growing companies

You can build an in-house IT group, or you can move faster with WolfePak Managed IT Services. We design and install your network solution, then manage its operations — including provisioning, enhancements and systems monitoring.

WolfePak makes sure you have the enhancements you need to manage more complex day-to-day operations, as well as the multi-company features you need to handle mergers, acquisitions and consolidations.

More about Managed IT >

WolfePak scales with your growth

Your WolfePak conversion sets up post-conversion implementation and training, to ensure that your new system scales and supports your growth.


Monthly new user classes with available on-site consulting and training

User Conference

WolfePak instructors teach you how to do more with less (earn CPE credits too)

Tech Support

Your WolfePak technical support team is always available to solve problems


See how you run with WolfePak

To see how WolfePak can help your growing business run leaner and faster, call us at (325) 677-1543 or contact us.