WolfePak LandPro

WolfePak Acquires LandPro Corp

Adds Lease Management and GIS Mapping Capabilities to WolfePak ERP

A comprehensive land management system for tracking and recording critical land inventory details with GIS Mapping capabilities that integrates and overlays that data onto maps allowing for the accurate and efficient exchange of data between finance and land departments. 

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and data silos
  • Grants immediate access to reports, maps, scanned documents & more
  • Generates over 280 reports - Acreage Inventories, Payment Obligation, Revenue Interest & more
  • Combined with WolfePak ERP automates exchange of critical payment & contractual information



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Reactions to the Acquisition from WolfePak - Pettigrew & Pettigrew - LandPro

"Combining LandPro with the WolfePak Software suite allows us to offer our customers a seamless, direct integration of land data into our ERP. Meaning one single source of data feeds accounting and land operations which can significantly increase efficiencies in both areas.”  

- Brent J. Rhymes, CEO of WolfePak

“With the added resources of WolfePak Software behind the LandPro product, we can now accelerate the innovative development of new features and land management solutions.  A fully integrated land to ERP solution enhances our current offering allowing us to greatly expand our customer base.”

- Luigi Ballatori, founder & CEO, LandPro

“Our firm has used both the WolfePak ERP and LandPro Visual LandPro products for years, which together facilitate greater efficiency for us. We see the integration of these products into a unified solution as a very positive development.” 

- Chris R. Pettigrew, CEO - Pettigrew & Pettigrew


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