Frequently Asked Questions


How is WolfePak priced?

We offer user-based pricing, so your solution price depends on the modules that you need and how many users will access the system (as you grow, you can add users and additional modules).

Contact us to discuss your WolfePak solution and pricing.

How long have you been in business?

We opened our doors in 1986 to providing oil & gas accounting solutions for operators, investors, first purchasers and service companies.

Can I scan my documents into WolfePak?

We’ve developed our own Integrated Document Imaging Solution, which lets you add and view documents, and link them with specific transactions, vendors, employees or owners with one click. This optional module also includes electronic routing and approval of A/P invoices, allowing an invoice to be entered when received and electronically routed to the appropriate user(s) for coding and approval.

The approver has access to a copy of the scanned invoice along with the invoice coding. The system tracks the invoice all along its route and gives users visibility of the pending invoice at all times.

WolfePak document imaging streamlines your records management, eliminating misplaced documents and the need to pull invoices from files by hand. 

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Will WolfePak support current check stock?

It depends on your check layout, which you can verify with our Forms & Scanners department. WolfePak offers check stock and IRS forms guaranteed to work with WolfePak (you can also print checks with blank check stock and save money).

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Will WolfePak grow with my company?

Your WolfePak solution is scalable, from one user to hundreds, and you can add modules as your business needs change or become more complex

Can I remote access WolfePak?

Yes, there are several remote solutions that will work. WolfePak recommends using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Can I export files to Excel/CSV?

WolfePak has Excel and CSV import/export capabilities where you need the functionality, specializing in automated solutions to your import and export needs.

We eliminate the labor-intensive manipulation of importing payroll time card systems, point of sales transactions, bank checks clearing, CDEX revenue and monthly master meter allocations. Automated export functions include over 50 bank-positive pay formats, state unclaimed property submissions, and all the government reporting you need from your accounting solution.

How many companies can I have in WolfePak?

You can set up unlimited sets of books for companies in the software and consolidation, combining and sharing master files. WolfePak has various multi-company options to support separate or combined reporting and/or day-to-day operations.

What are my hardware requirements?

WolfePak has a small footprint and runs on most networks. Contact WolfePak Sales to verify current hardware requirements.

What versions of Windows® does WolfePak support?

We use standard Windows protocols — Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. As Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista, we recommend that customers use Windows 7, 8 or 10.

WolfePak runs on every version of Microsoft Server for client/server environments. Here again, as Microsoft no longer supports its older server OS products, we recommend installing Windows Service 2012 R2.

Accounts Payable

Can WolfePak make partial payments?

Yes. The lets you “split invoices” and pay only the portion you choose.  The unpaid portion remains as an open item.

Can WolfePak generate positive pay files for banks?

Yes. Create positive pay files electronically, using the WolfePak bank reconciliation module (upload files to banks for verification.)

Audit & Security

What level of security do you offer?

WolfePak goes well beyond typical database level security options, with extensive features to protect your data from unauthorized access. You can set up security user by user, company by company, screen by screen, controlling that screen-level functionality for the flexibility you need.

 You can also restrict access and/or changes to specified journals and/or account numbers.

How does the system log data changes?

WolfePak logs all changes to master files automatically and silently, using an internal change log database. The system logs all physical changes to the files, key processing events and actions.

The built-in audit feature lets managers review all activity with one click.

Conversion / Implementation

How quickly can you convert my data?

Timing depends on various factors — your current system, the number of companies to convert, years of history, size of master files, the quality of your data and more. Your WolfePak conversion team will develop a conversion timeline with you.

We customize each project to coordinate data conversion, training, customization and implementation to get you up and running efficiently. Typically, there is no down time as the old system is wrapped up and WolfePak is ramped up. 

We automate data conversion, which allows you to focus on your responsibilities, and scrub your data during conversion. Our process starts with the data extraction, mapping, validation and upload into WolfePak, so you can focus on your day-to-day operations and responsibilities.

Our experience is the key. We listen, analyze and design what you need while working with all levels of user familiarity. WolfePak has converted thousands of companies since 1986, moving data from QuickBooks, dozens of other platforms and outmoded legacy systems.

In many cases the cost to convert pays for itself in less than three months if you're paying monthly fees to an outside service bureau.

Can you convert QuickBooks data?

Yes. We’ve converted over 20 different types of accounting software including QuickBooks (see a list of conversions here).

Can you convert data from other oil & gas accounting applications?

Yes. We’ve converted all of the mainstream oil & gas accounting apps, as well as customized and legacy systems (see a list here). 

Financial Reports

What kind of financial reports does WolfePak offer?

The WolfePak system offers feature-rich standard reports. It also includes a built-in report definitions writer to modify existing reports or creating unlimited customized reports.

General Ledger

Can you enter budgets into WolfePak?

Yes. Enter or import budgets through the general ledger module, with the option of running multiple reports in quantities or dollars.

Production Module

What types of production reports does WolfePak run?

 WolfePak produces daily run ticket reports, daily production reports, and owner production reports. The system prints various state regulatory reports for TX, NM, CO, LA, AL, KY, as well as generic monthly report(s) of production information for other states.

OGOR/ONRR-4054 reporting is produced for federal leases and electronic files are created for TX, NM, LA, WV, and CO.

Revenue Billing

Can WolfePak net revenue checks?

Yes. There are multiple options for individual owners that best suit their needs.

How many properties can I have?

An unlimited number.

How many DOIs can I have per well?

An unlimited number.

Can WolfePak track my AFEs?

Yes. Enter AFEs through revenue/billing. WolfePak applies expenses to your AFEs, so you can track them with AFE comparison reports and AFE prepayments versus unbilled reports.

The system also creates cash calls.

Can WolfePak import revenue data?

Yes. WolfePak interfaces with PDS and Oildex through CDEX, to simplify check stub entry. You can also import revenue data with CSV files, EnergyLink and WolfeNet.

Does WolfePak have state backup withholding?

Yes. WolfePak has state and federal backup withholding as needed.

System & Utilities

What is WolfePak’s file structure?

Our software uses an embedded, fully bundled Sybase Advantage Database System (ADS) from SAP in a client-server environment. This structure ensures that your data is safe and secure, while offering outstanding reliability and scalability.

What database does WolfePak use?

We use the SAP Advantage Database System (ADS), set up to be self-tuning and self-configuring, and requiring no maintenance by users or their IT departments (other than the initial install).

Does WolfePak run on Macs?

Yes. We have users running Macs with Windows emulation.

What versions of Windows do you support?

WolfePak uses standard Windows protocols and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. As Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista, we recommend that customers use Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Does WolfePak handle backups?

WolfePak has a one-step backup function that backs up the system to a designated location (we always recommend a scheduled server backup or off-site backup).


What are my training options?

New user training is included with your purchase of WolfePak software. Users must attend training for core modules at our Abilene, TX campus within 60 days of purchase.

We also offer other options:

  • On-site training & consulting — For for any company large or small (if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you).
  • Dedicated phone training — We remote into your system, to see how you use WolfePak or take control to show you processes and steps
  • Supplemental classes — Quarterly classes for financial reporting, add-on modules and other topics
  • User conferences — Our annual events for learning, networking and sharing ideas, offered in three locations

Updates / Enhancements

How often does WolfePak publish updates?

We update and enhance our software on a continuous basis.

How do we get updates?

WolfePak includes a one-click download the system’s secure, encrypted utilities module. This global update update includes any enhancements, changes and updates made to the system since your last download of the software.

We include a release note before or after you download, so you can see what’s changed, and also offer the option of automated downloads.

Does WolfePak stay current with IRS regulation changes?

Yes. Our software stays current with the latest IRS requirements and changes.

How much does maintenance cost?

Your WolfePak purchase includes your first year of maintenance and support. The second year costs 20% of the purchase price.


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