Simplify & Streamline Back Office Operations (Aug 7, 2018)

Simplify & Streamline Back Office Operations

Posted: 07/30/2018

As an Oil & Gas Operator, there is enough to do running the physical operations of your business. However, an efficient back office is equally as critical to your success.

Managing multiple data sources with various data points in separate spreadsheets leaves processes prone to error. When you are compiling all of this data - more than likely by hand - and importing it to another system, the likelihood of errors increases.

Webinar discusses common problems for Exploration & Production Oil and Gas Operators and how to resolve those issues.

  • Managing & maintaining Division of Interest (DOIs) with their myriad of decimal points
  • Containing and organizing the paperwork involved in capturing and changing Division Orders
  • Easily add multiple leases during mergers or acquisitions
  • Streamlining the communication of project status to all owners and investors


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